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Nicaraguan Recipes Arroz a la Valenciana (Nicaraguan Valencia Rice) Delicious Food from Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Recipes Arroz a la Valenciana (Nicaraguan Valencia Rice) Delicious Food from Nicaragua

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Our Nicaraguan culinary art dates back to pre-Columbian times, as indicated by their names, the Nacatamal, Gallo Pinto, Vaho, Tres Leches and Indio Viejo are some of more popular local dishes. With the Spanish and the merger of two races and two cultures it gave way to a Creole varied and creative menu, in which we can find local ingredients forming an important part from soups, main courses, and desserts. This is why I want to share with those of you lovers of fine Nicaraguan cuisine and culinary art, this ebook (electronic book) called “The Beauty of Nicaraguan Cuisine”(written in English), which contains a recompilation of many typical and traditional Nicaraguan recipes. Enjoy these delicacies and share them with friends and family! With this said, I would like to wish you, buen apetito!

Note: Once your payment is received you will receive an email containing the link where you will be able to download the ebook as a PDF file with easiness.

If for any reason you do not feel satisfied with the purchase, you may write to me at and I will gladly reimburse your money. So you have nothing to lose. With this said, I would like to wish you buen apetito!.

Here you can see what this Nicaraguan recipes ebook offers you!


1. Almibar (Tropical Fruits in Syrup)

2. Arroz a la Valenciana (Nicaraguan Valencia Rice)

3. Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding)

4. Atol de Maicena (Hot Corn Starch Beverage)

5. Atol Duro (Hot Maize Beverage)

6. Atolillo (Hot Rice Beverage)

7. Ayote en Miel (Pumpkin in Syrup Dessert)

8. Bienmesabe (Plantains in Syrup Dessert)

9. Buñuelos de Yuca (Yucca Fritters)

10. Cajeta de Coco (Sweet Coconut Treat)

11. Cajeta de Leche (Sweet Milk Treat)

12. Carne Asada (Grilled Steak)

13. Carnes Desmenuzadas (Shredded Meats)

14. Cebada (Cold Barley Drink)

15. Cebollita (Pickled Onions)

16. Ceviche de Pescado (Fish Ceviche)

17. Chicha de Jengibre (Cold Ginger Drink)

18. Chicha de Maiz (Traditional Maize Drink)

19. Choco Bananas (Frozen Bananas Covered with Chocolate)

20. Chorizo con Frijoles (Chorizo and Beans)

21. Churrasco Nicaraguense (Nicaraguan Style Steak)

22. Cocada (Coconut Sweets)

23. Coctel de Camarones (Shrimp Cocktail)

24. Coyolito (Banana with Sugar and Cinnamon Dessert)

25. Cuajada (Nicaraguan Cheese)

26. Elote Asado (Roasted Corn on the Cob)

27. Empanadas de Plátanos Maduros con Carne (Plantain Turnovers Stuffed with Meat)

28. Enchiladas Nicaraguenses (Nicaraguan Enchiladas)

29. Ensalada de Frutas (Fruit Salad)

30. Ensalada Nica (Nicaraguan Salad)

31. Espumillas (Egg Whites Treat)

32. Flan de Leche (Caramel Custard)

33. Fresco de Cacao con Leche (Cocoa with Milk Drink)

34. Fresco de Pina con Arroz (Pineapple with Rice Drink)

35. Fresco de Carambola (Star Fruit Drink)

36. Fresco de Mango (Mango Drink)

37. Fresco de Maracuya o Fruta de la Pasion (Fruit Passion Drink)

38. Fresco de Melón (Melón or Canteloupe Drink)

39. Fresco de Tamarindo (Tamarind Drink)

40. Frijoles Nicaraguenses (Nicaraguan Refried Beans)

41. Gaspar (Gaspar Fish Dish)

42. Gallo Pinto (Traditional Nicaraguan Rice and Beans)

43. Gofios (Maize in Syrup)

44. Guirilas (Nicaraguan Corn Tortillas)

45. Guiso de Ayote (Pumpkin Stew)

46. Guiso de Pipian (Zucchini Stew)

47. Horchata (Horchata Drink)

48. Huevos con Chorizos Criollos (Eggs with Chorizos Creole Style)

49. Huevos Rancheros (Country Style Eggs)

50. Iguana en Pinol (Creole Iguana)

51. Indio Viejo (Flank Steak Dish)

52. Leche de Burra (Milk Sweets)

53. Mangos en Miel (Mangoes in Syrup)

54. Manuelitas (Wheat Flour and Cheese Fritters)

55. Marquesote (Nicaraguan Pastry)

56. Masa de Cazuela (Ground Beef Casserole)

57. Melcocha (Molasses Candy)

58. Montucas (Corn Tamales with Pork Filling)

59. Nacatamales (Traditional Nicaraguan Tamales)

60. Nancites en Miel (Nancites in Syrup)

61. Pati (Ground Beef Turnovers)

62. Perrereque o Pan de Elote (Nicaraguan Corn Bread)

63. Pescado a la Tipitapa (Nicaraguan Tilitapa Fish)

64. Pescado Frito Estilo Nica (Nicaraguan Style Fried Fish)

65. Picos (Nicaraguan Pastry)

66. Pinol (Traditional Nicaraguan Cocoa Drink)

67. Pinolillo (Traditional Nicaraguan Cocoa Drink)

68. Pinonate (Papaya Dessert)

69. Pio Quinto (Nicaraguan Cake)

70. Platanos en Gloria (Sweet Plantains Glazed with Temptation Caramel)

71. Platanos Horneados (Baked Plantains)

72. Platanos Maduros con Crema (Fried Sweet Plantains with Sour Cream)

73. Queque Nica (Nicaraguan Cake)

74. Quesadilla de Arroz (Rice Bread)

75. Raspado con Miel de Mango (Mango Flavored Snow Cone)

76. Raspado con Miel de Vainilla (Vanilla Flavored Snow Cone)

77. Rompope (Traditional Nicaraguan Eggnog Drink)

78. Rondón (Fish and Coconut Milk Dish)

79. Rosquillas (Nicaraguan Traditional Cookies)

80. Salpicon (Chopped Beef with Cilantro and Onions)

81. Salsa Chimichurri Nicaraguense (Nicaraguan Chimichurri Sauce)

82. Salsa Criolla (Creole Sauce)

83. Salsa Marinara (Nicaraguan Tomato Sauce)

84. Sopa de Albondigas (Meatball Soup)

85. Sopa de Cola (Oxtail Soup)

86. Sopa de Frijoles Nicaraguense (Nicaraguan Beans Soup)

87. Sopa de Pollo Nicaraguense(Nicaraguan Traditioanal Chicken Soup)

88. Sopa 7 Mares (7 Seas Soup)

89. Sopa de Mondongo Nicaraguense (Nicaraguan Tripe Soup)

90. Sopa de Pan (Bread Soup)

91. Sopa de Queso (Cheese Soup)

92. Tamal Pisque (Pisque Tamal)

93. Tiste (Corn and Cocoa Drink)

94. Torrejas con Miel (Nicaraguan Style French Toast topped with Honey)

95. Torta de Elote (Corn Cake)

96. Tortilla de Maiz (Corn Tortillas)

97. Tostones (Fried Green Plantains)

98. Totopostes (Hard Toasted Corn)

99. Tres Leches (Three Milks Cake)

100. Vaho (Traditional Beef and Yucca Dish)

101. Viejitas (Traditional Nicaraguan Cookies)

102. Vigorón (Traditional Pork and Yucca Dish)

103. Yoltamal (Nicaraguan Corn Tamales)

That´s not it!!
For he purchase of this ebook, you will also be recieving as a gift the Spanish versión of this ebook called La Belleza de la Cocina Nicaraguense!!
Here´s what the Spanish versión of this ebook offers you:


1. Almíbar o Curbasa

2. Almíbar de Mango

3. Arroz a la Valenciana Estilo Nicaragüense

4. Arroz Aguado

5. Arroz con Gaspar (Pescado Seco)

6. Arroz con Leche

7. Atol de Maicena

8. Atol Duro

9. Atolillo

10. Ayote en Miel

11. Bienmesabe

12. Brazo Gitano de Duraznos y Nueces

13. Buñuelos

14. Cabayo Bayo

15. Cacao con Leche

16. Cajeta de Coco

17. Cajeta de Leche

18. Carne en Vaho

19. Cebada

20. Chancho Frito

21. Chanfaina

22. Chicha de Maíz

23. Churrasco al Carbón

24. Cocada

25. Coctel de Camarones

26. Coyolito

27. Cuznaca o Jocotes Machucados

28. Elote Asado

29. Empanadas de Plátanos Maduros con Carne

30. Enchiladas Nicaragüenses

31. Ensalada (Para el Vaho)

32. Ensalada de Frutas

33. Espumillas

34. Flan Casero

35. Frescos (Mango, Papaya, Piña, Piña y Plátano, Limas, Coco, Carambola)

36. Frescos (Maracuyá o Fruta de la Pasión, Melón, Melón con Naranja y Piña con Arroz)

37. Frijoles Molidos

38. Frituras de Yuca y Queso

39. Gallina en Chinamo

40. Gallina Rellena

41. Gallo Pinto

42. Gofios

43. Guarapo

44. Güirila

45. Guiso de Ayote

46. Guiso de Chilotes

47. Huevo Chimbo

48. Huevos Con Chorizos Criollos

49. Huevos de Tortuga (ó Paslama) con Chile y Yuca

50. Huevos Rancheros

51. Iguana en Pinol

52. Indio Viejo

53. El Quesillo

54. Leche de Burra

55. Lengua en Salsa

56. Lengua Fingida

57. Macuá

58. Maduros en Gloria

59. Mangos en Miel

60. Manjar

61. Manuelitas

62. Marquesote

63. Masa de Cazuela

64. Melcocha

65. Miel de Mango para Raspado

66. Miel de Vainilla para Raspado

67. Montucas

68. Nacatamales

69. Patí

70. Pavo Navideño

71. Perrerreque o Pan de Elote

72. Pescado Frito a la Tipitapa

73. Pescozones

74. Picos

75. Pinol o Pinolillo

76. Piñonate

77. Pio Quinto ó Pio V

78. Plátanos Horneados

79. Queque Nica

80. Quesadilla de Arroz

81. Relleno Nica

82. Rompope

83. Rondón

84. Rosquillas

85. Salpicón

86. Sopa Borracha

87. Sopa de Albóndigas

88. Sopa de Cola

89. Sopa de Frijoles

90. Sopa de Gallina India

91. Sopa de Mariscos

92. Sopa de Mondongo

93. Sopa de Pan

94. Sopa de Queso

95. Tamales Pisque

96. Tiste

97. Torrejas

98. Tortillas de Maíz

99. Tostones

100. Totoposte

and more!!


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